On Suharto’s death

To me, Suharto’s death yesterday was a pity thing to reflect for us, Indonesians. Not because the multiple organic failure he suffered from, not because of his past ‘devotion’ for the nation, not because of other controversial issues surrounding him as always.

It is because he died as an uncertain status. Was he a corruptor? A lawful citizen? A hero? when he died?

Unclear. Status matters for it concerns with how a person’s relations with others in the world which would also be judged in the afterlife.

Ironically, the State a.k.a the government led by the present President named Yudhoyono (some Javanese deliberately joked about it as Nyudoyowo, meaning turning people’s life to death) was very hesitant to make Suharto’s final status clear.

So what I concluded is, even the former President was not given a clear and, perhaps, deserved treatment by his own President, what about lay citizens like us? Like you and me. No wonder when Indonesian citizens are in danger, being discriminated in their own country or abroad, there is no state’s will to protect.

It is enough to have such an irresponsible leadership in Indonesia!


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