Obama Fever

I did not really pay attention to the US election before. I thought that the US politics would not change much after election by election: WASP rules in the US – that is what political science textbook would always tell. I assume it is something similar like the old concept of “politik aliran” in Indonesia as once termed by Clifford Geertz.

But watching Obama’s speech in his campaigns once in CNN, this January, changed my perception. It was impressive showing intellectual weight of himself. Though “inexperienced” and “too young” to be the US President – as his rival Hillary often termed -, from communication perspective Obama has been outperforming the former first lady. Listening to her speech has been boring and mundane without appealing communication energy.

I once deliberately closed my eyes “watching” both the senators’ speeches to get some objective perception only by listening. Not judging by their performances, gestures, dresses, and what not.  Result, Obama spoke more convincingly, more energetic, and more on moral politics with sometimes strong emphases on his rivals, Clinton and McCain as well as on policy terms. Hillary, I think, has been too much making low-politics statements regarding her funding, calculation of her delegates, more on division rather than unity though been always clear in addressing policy issues such as healthcare.

Ceteris paribus (meaning no maneuvering by superdelegates to impose their 13,000 vote privilege) I may now change my perception that the US politics especially the US voters would make – borrowing Obama’s term –  a “new chapter” in their history for themselves and consequently for the world.

“Thanks” to the 911 tragedy that has subsequently opened the Americans’ eyes about what is actually happening outside their country. Most of them were stunned by then that they just realised that the world does not only “belong” to themselves and later on also realised that Bush regime has been hijacking America for his own purposes of building America’s Empire. Before the tragedy and its consequences, I think Americans in general have been too busy looking at themselves.

Well, not their faults. They are made to be so by Bush regime, by the Big Five media moguls, by the big corporations which have been hegemonizing the people. But now that election comes, the people are going to “punish” the regime and its failure policy by voting for Obama. Let’s see if finally America managed to have a “political revolution” this November.


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