Undemocratic Democrat convention

I remember few days ago when Obama won all the Potomac primaries, CNN’s John King and Andersen Cooper made an analysis of the election process happening in the Democrat rivalry. Assuming that Obama’s winning trend is rolling on and on, it was found out that neither candidate would get the required condition of 2,025 delegate nomination. Obama would lead the delegates with some margin ahead of Clinton, but it still did not make Obama clinch the nomination.

Following the election process in the Democrat side has been interesting since the rivalry between the two senators, their speeches, their followers, their political ads, and their issues have been up to “the market to decide.” Meaning, the process has been democratic in essence and no intervention from any parties.

But with the trend seems to take place as simulated by King and Cooper above, it is not possible that Clinton would try to get the upper hand by beating Obama with any means to justify the ends. I see there might be two crucial loopholes that might happen. First, the “empty” primaries in Florida and Michigan might be taken into account so that these two states Clinton has won would be adding the number of delegates she gained. Second, the use of superdelegates – the party elite i.e. the Congressman, party structures – would be executed while Clinton now is leading the number of superdelegates. Third, which is sometimes normal, Clinton would have to win the next primaries especially the one in March 4 of Ohio and Texas with big delegates at stake to re-lead the rivalry. The pressure is there and since her Potomac primary loss Clinton campaign has been like an attack machine by starting negative ads against Obama.

Any of these bad scenarios, especially the first two, happening might tarnish the democratic process which has been progressing – as well as entertaining, at least to me – in the US. “What the world would say?” (Apa kata dunia?), remarked the popular Indonesia’s movie Naga Bonar. If that happened, then Democracy is people’s Frankenstein: it swallows its own creator.


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  1. Wah Artikelnya mas Hanafi bagus bnget hehehe…good ya pak dosen *ngelirik bundazka*

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