US killing – a path dependence?

I still fail to understand why there have been students killing students in the US recently since Virginia Tech murder last year. Any (sociological) theory would explain it, please?

Such murder, I think, should be a new phenomenon to see happening in the States. Police killing citizens is “normal” there. But students over students? Using “suicidal killing” afterwards? It’s abnormal.

I am afraid that it might create its own logic and then develops itself to be a path-dependence later on in the near future – something culturally embedded people could not stay away from.


3 Responses to “US killing – a path dependence?”

  1. dont have any idea either since i’m not a sociolog ^^
    but perhaps, this is just a side effect of not having spiritual quotien since beginning

    nice blog, but not easy to understand ^^

  2. Beside those ‘anger’ and ‘revenge’ theories that used to be said, perhaps it had to do something with those violence that can be easily found these days.

    As I know, children who were raised playing violent video games or watching violent movies, are programmed that behavior as such is an answer to a problem (gaining points, winning the game, etc). If this happens pre-puberty, those memories are in their core for life. Since lots of what we do is based on memories, incidents like this are likely to flare out in a society who allows their children to play such stuff.

    Perhaps… itu semua just perhaps, lho Mas… 🙂 And also wanna say hi from Jogja!

  3. That’s indeed really scary and still I have know idea why they can just do that. There are many similar cases here; albeit they are not being exposed. Ancaman pembunuhan, penembakan, dan ancaman bom sudah agak mulai merambah di sini mas.

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