School and Industry

Having received emails intensively about future jobs for the past few days, I must say I have to salute LKYSPP’s “The Office of Career Services”! Its industrial network with big international corporations, organizations such as International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Singapore Airlines, Bloomberg (just to mention some) has been just “amazing”. Such organizations will even come down to the School to offer jobs for the graduates here. Reverse: It’s not the students looking for jobs, but the industry seeking for them.

Well, there is always a consequence of such sweet relationship between school and industry. Generally speaking, it is a conformation between the two. Curriculum is set to absorb industry’s needs (courses like political risk analysis, financial management would really fit) while the latter would allow for more space for the best graduates to work for them. A mutual relation indeed.

But, apart from there above, I personally have a little note. Perhaps next time in the future, the School should also offer “democracy 101” core module despite “economics” and “statistics” as other cores to have a “balanced life”. That should be interesting.


6 Responses to “School and Industry”

  1. jadi, tertarik ga nih bi dgn tawaran2 yang ada?:)

    kita mah suport2 ajaaaa…:)

  2. bagi2 dong.. iklan lowongan kerjanya

  3. i joined this company through that program as well
    they came to the campuss, interviewed some candidates, and select a few of them to start the recruitment process..

    but the side effect of having this kinda of relationship is the parameter of measuring the success of its student.working in a multinational and rapid grow industry is one of the criteria. we are not educated to become a self learner, self worker (enterpreneur) because the demand of adding some industrial basic need is so hight, lecturers tend to give the discussion based on the case of industry

    aside to that side effect, this is a good things to be managed

  4. Several weeks ago i read an article about a research showing the fact that graduates in Indonesia don’t meet the requirement of industrial need. That’s why many graduates in Indonesia are facing difficulty in finding proper job fitting their educational background.

  5. ah ditawarin apa mas? Ayi ikut ditawarin gak nih ya Bun? hehehe … Nice blog mas Han.

  6. maturnuwun mbak.. kalau njenengan besok pulang, pasti pekerjaan yang nyari njenengan mbak..

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