East Timor Menu? None Interested.

Please read this commentary by clicking here. When it comes to paragraph 3, Indonesia is said to be “brutal”, “struggle against Indonesia”, what do you feel and think?

From that commentary, since getting its independence from Indonesia, East Timor has been only progressing from a trouble to another problem, from a failure to another crisis. Too many players (the UN, Portugal, Australia, domestic factions) betting their interests to rule East Timor. In the end, none would be interested in East Timor.


6 Responses to “East Timor Menu? None Interested.”

  1. Greetings, Mas Hanafi. I like your writings but feel a bit uneasy about your choice of blog theme (thin small font over blackout?). IMHO, just a little bit exhaustive to read. Nice but not easy to read. Salam kenal. :))))

  2. terima kasih sarannya Mbak Mila. saran diterima dan sudah dilaksanakan 🙂

  3. If only we took a good care of them…

  4. I never put a lot of attention to the political environment of East Timor. Having read the commentary you link, now I know that the situation prevails in East Timor to some extent is similar with Afghanistan where many warlords dominate the political stage.

  5. the difference is perhaps it is not warlord in east timor, but politico-gangster. civil war may always haunt the country.

  6. poor, tiny, lack of natural resources, rebellious, murderous :p

    this hors d’oeuvres would make people stay away from ‘Lorosae’ as no benefit gained if any would jump into the country and meddle with their internal affairs.. even the powerful US or EU. UN hints to pull out already, only Aussie who is still interested helping them..for a sizeable part of Timor Gap in return maybe..

    As no one take care of them, should we readmit East Timor (again??) to our beloved “Tanah Air”?

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