Prison Break in Singapore

This is not about Michael Scofield and friends coming to Singapore. This is really a prison break by a terrorist suspect, Mas Selamat Kastari, from Singapore’s Whitley Road Detention Centre. Since yesterday, he is now still at large.

It is a striking news having seen Singapore’s claim as the best defence and tight security country and the strongest in the region. It also took place in an unprecedented, easy way out: the suspect just ran away by deceiving police that he wanted to go to toilet? If true, the suspect is really translating his name into real – “Selamat” is Safe.

The post-escape measures have been deployed very heavily by Singapore’s security apparatus around the Centre and throughout the borders. The momentum to bring back the suspect to prison would only be very short in, perhaps, 2×24 hours since the prison break yesterday.

Longer than that, it may ‘delegitimize’ government’s credibility. And the worst is if the suspect is at large for good. People’s highly-established expectation of “Singapore is the most secure” may then be shaken.

But today (20 March), according to Indonesia’s daily KOMPAS quoting an intelligence expert Dynno Chressbon, Mas Selamat Kastari’s fate is only possible under two scenarios.

First, he has been killed by the authority or will be made killed under a battle against terrorists as in al-Ghozi in the Philippines or al-Faruk in Iraq. Second, he is sent to the US “for loan” since the US is going to conduct trials against the captured terrorists in June for further interrogation. That I think makes more sense now.


5 Responses to “Prison Break in Singapore”

  1. spread the word dear netizen. mas selamat was tortured and killed under detention. the ministry needed an excuse. that is all. think about it.

  2. the next scenario is then to inform public that he has gone missing to another country, indonesia/malaysia, and then leaving the problem to these countries. if not “found”, not singapore’s government’s fault. it’s those countries’ faults not “finding him”?

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  4. I fail to find any logical reason why Kasturi can escape from the so-called the best security system in region. Don’t u think that there’s a great possibility that Kasturi was deliberately released by Singapore’s government, leaving alone Malaysia and Indonesia, two countries which are probably next destination, handle him???

  5. This is politics – so never say “never” (that S’pre is the best well-defenced..bla..bla..blaaah!)

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