A “perfect” communication breakdown

Adnan Buyung Nasution came to Singapore two days ago together with former attorney Abdur Rahman. Both were “detained” by Changi immigration officials for “random investigation” for two hours. They were released after Adnan Buyung called Indonesia’s embassy in Singapore for intervention.

Indonesia’s mass media (detikcom, kompas, and the jakarta post to mention some) has been stirring up the event as “incident”. But apart from the upcoming controversy over those two presidential advisors coming to Singapore, I could not stand laughing at how messy Indonesia’s political communication is as soon as that news broke up. Take a look at this.

Firstly, Adnan Buyung said that he came to Singapore for a medical check-up after being released.

[Before going further with the story, it just simply raised a question. Why then the former attorney Abdur Rahman Saleh joining him? Is he an escort of Adnan Buyung now? That just did not make sense].

Secondly, and if that above is true, it is becoming sillier because Yudhoyono two weeks ago just said that people should not go abroad for medical treatments since Indonesia could tackle them.

[Despite the President’s own such narrow statement (since state now cannot restrict human movements as well as capital flows), his own advisors’ going to Singapore for medical check-up means that they just stabbed Yudhoyono from behind very embarrassingly!]

Thirdly, when Hatta Rajasa, the minister of state’s secretariat, was asked by the media about the incident, he said Adnan Buyung was going to Singapore for his daughter’s medical treatment, not his own treatment – as opposed to Adnan’s self-claim. He said Adnan really needed to see his daughter.

[So, who is actually having a medical treatment? Adnan or the daughter?]

Forthly, when further asked if Adnan went to Singapore to see his former client Sjamsul Nursalim who is now living in Singapore, the minister said that it would be impossible.

(Nursalim is one of the hunted corrupt conglomerates by Indonesia’s government because of running away with Indonesia’s central bank’s liquidity aid in 1998).

The minister said that advisors were required to give daily reports to the President via the minister.

[So, Adnan must have forgotten to tell the minister that he went to Singapore for his own medical treatment. Not the daughter.]

Fifthly, this is getting funnier, Adnan’s private secretary was asked by the media if her boss’ going to Singapore was for a treatment. She said – surprise, surprise – “no, my boss went to Singapore for a vacation”!.

[I guess Adnan once he is back to his office will fire the secretary].

Sixthly, again, if all is about those medical stuff, why Abdur Rahman Saleh was there too?

Adnan, a lawyer. Rahman, an attorney. What should link them both by coming to Singapore if not for legal purpose i.e. Nursalim purpose? One said “private medical check-up”, another said “daughter’s treatment”, some other said “vacation”. All were just becoming absurd.

I then remembered one of Pramoedya’s sayings about reading political news in Indonesia: read it the other way around. Meaning, what is denied and claimed by the officials is actually the truth. So, both approaching the corrupt Nursalim is the truth.

Indonesia’s parliament has been chasing the central bank’s liquidity aid abuse recently and it might affect Yudhoyono’s bid for 2009 negatively. These two advisors perhaps are sent by the President himself to strike a deal with the corrupt Nursalim of how to have a “win-win solution”. [If this really happened, Yudhoyono is playing with fire indeed].

Unfortunate for them, Singapore’s immigration officials “uncovered” the plot. Good for the public to know then.

[Yudhoyono or the minister should have told the immigration to do it clandestine way].

Overall, it was a “perfect” communication breakdown. If this were a military combat, it means one another in the same batallion would all die because of their own shooting each other due to the given wrong communication details.

Sad indeed for Yudhoyono, the minister, and the advisors.


11 Responses to “A “perfect” communication breakdown”

  1. Singapore wouldn’t want laundered money to be flown back to Indonesia, and that’s why the immigration was making a big fuss?

  2. correct, and that is as part of the tit-for-tat between the two countries (sand ban, DCA, kastari trade-off) since each of them maintains their position hard. one wants it back, another does not.

    but if both advisors were meant to meet the singapore government here, they should have told the authority here for backchannel so no need for such big fuss blunder.

  3. That’s what I was thinking after reading the news. Great analysis, mas!

  4. makasih mbak ayie. singapore-indonesia is an interesting stuff to follow.

  5. Good analysis!like father,like son!

  6. typical pejabat indonesia, klo ngomong, ngasal.. buntut2nya ga ada yg bener.. boong semua :p

  7. If it’s really about samsul nursalim-related issue, poor Indonesia, even the closer person of president, the so-called adviser, is keen to do such embarrassing thing .

  8. Pokoknya sepakat aja deh… Aku link ya mas… Eko Sumarsono (Team SAR Batam)

  9. hanafi rais Says:

    @ mbak ernoiz, terima kasih mbak. you’ve got a good multiply as well. @ bayu, pejabat indonesia harus spesifik by the way. hehe.. biar kita juga tidak gampang men-generalisir sesuatu yang kasuistik. @ thea, i heard so. it was in fact about nursalim or sinivasan when i checked with jakarta. and in every press conference, adnan never clearly denied that he met nursalim. so you know how the present government was actually playing behind our back so cunningly. @ mas eko, monggo saja mas. gratis. salam ya untuk teman-teman di Batam.

  10. Hiya!. Thanks a bunch for the blog. I’ve been digging around looking some info up for shool, but i think i’m getting lost!. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i guess! Keep up the good work. I will be coming back in a few days to see if there is any more info.

  11. Lucky Hariadi Says:

    that was some good example for the silly things that was happen for “indonesian” government and their long bureaucracy between department.

    it must be happen because of the symptoms of spreading “H1N1” on that region area.

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