Blocking Fitna, Banning Youtube?

Certainly not. The government of Indonesia (GOI) via the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, should not block Youtube and other similar net services just because to prevent Muslims in Indonesia being fooled by Wilders’ Fitna movie. The movie should be condemned since it was just based on Wilders’ ‘freedom of anarchy’ (not speech) to merely gain his party’s popularity in the Netherlands at the expense of Islam.

GOI i.e. Yudhoyono should exert its diplomacy actively against such defamation conduct to show that Muslims in Indonesia objected Wilders’ extremism. Wilders has done the damage. But it turns out that he chose the vague way. Unclearly objecting it, he instead urged Muslims in Indonesia to calm down and, this is the latest from, via the Ministry to blocking any sites with Fitna content. Youtube is then banned in Indonesia. The President should act more smartly.


3 Responses to “Blocking Fitna, Banning Youtube?”

  1. gus koko Says:

    iya ni…ndeso bgt sih pemerintahannyaa..tidak ngerti akan manfaat Youtube yang positif lainnya…

    lagian tidak menyelesaikan masalah, pak presiden..tidak bisa internet ya pak

  2. itu benernya gimana siiihhh abi?mudahan jgn ampe deh blocking youtube yah..

    gmn nasib ibu2 yg ngajarin anaknya via youtube yg sarat jg dgn informasi yg edukatif..?

  3. Setuju Bunda, jangan sampai blocking youtube deh. That’s not a wise act though. Nanti jadi gak bisa nonton cicak-cicak di dinding Azka 🙂
    Anyway, I agree that he has to act more smartly than deciding to ban youtube. Besides, I am pretty sure that by the time youtube is officially banned, many people have watched the movie ( me too, I’ve watched it). So, what’s the point then.

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