Purchasing Law

I was really stunned when reading yesterday’s news. An MP from an Islamic party (PPP, United Development Party) namely Al Amin Nasution was caught red-handed by Indonesia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK) in Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Jakarta at dawn at 3 AM.

He was caught by the apparatus at hands with 71 million rupiah (around S$11,000) of total deal 3 billion rupiah. It was a bribery from Bintan’s (Riau Islands) local official, the provincial secretary. In addition to the bribery was a woman as a ‘bonus’ .

The bribery was meant to tweak a law on forestry being discussed in the national parliament. The law was supposed to protect some forests not to be used for industrial purposes. But with the bribery involved, the other way around took place. The MP and Bintan official tried to strike a deal of changing it into a law for protecting forests for industrial purposes.

In the hindsight, the Bintan local government must have struck another deal to give the forest concession to, perhaps, a mining company in Bintan. And the MP must have generated a lot of money to prepare for another re-election next year.

I learnt that Al Amin’s case is not in a vacuum. I believe that many of Indonesia’s laws being drafted in the Parliament both by MPs and the Government in Jakarta have been a trading arena for MPs, government officials, and (multi-national) companies.

The difference is that some case are ‘unfortunately’ exposed in the media, some are well-kept and hidden in the closet. The business of purchasing law by MPs, government, and companies has been more common now in Indonesia even under the so-called anti-corrupt Yudhoyono government.

With this case of Al Amin, KPK seems to show its muscle that everyone regardless their positions, even MPs with political immunity , could be raided. I support this movement.

KPK may have recently also managed to raid outlaw conglomerate Sjamsul Nursalim’s right-hand Artalyta, Attorney Urip, and others. But KPK should not blind their own eyes that government and companies trading the laws, just like abovementioned MP was doing, cannot be probed with KPK’s sophisticated mechanisms. (KPK can tap on the (mobile) phones, KPK can do what police can do now).

Government could be the biggest corruptor but elusive to track by conventional mechanism. It will always justify itself that what the government is doing is a policy, not a corruption.

What about Yudhoyono’s decree 2/2008 in support for changing preserved forest to be industrial forests not long ago? Using our healthy rationale, it just should not be done by him. But why he did it? Isn’t it basically the same as what the MP was just doing? I smell the government is trading the forest law as well with those foreign mining companies. There are thirteen of them. Australia’s Newscrest is one of them.

What about the fate of central bank’s abused liquidity case? It is a big case but suddenly stopped after attorney Urip and his colleague, Kemas Yahya, were fired? And what about Soeharto’s family case which was just dropped invalid few weeks ago? What happened to all those bigger cases, KPK?

Yudhoyono government and KPK have left too many questions unanswered. In an exam, those should be graded NIL! Failed! Not passed! Dropped out!

By the way, Al Amin’s case is now just a hype by media. What is more disappointing regarding the MP’s case is how media (detikcom, kompas, and perhaps others starting today) has been framing this issue as just a matter of “who is the bonus woman, is it part of gratification, what about Al Amin’s wife who is a celebrity (a dangdut singer), how would Al Amin’s party (PPP) react, and alike”.

“Amazing”. I guess this is why voters are always fooled. They are made by such cheap journalism to think about gossips rather than the crux of the problem: the business of law, the purchase of law, the trading of law.

I guess SLANK, an Indonesian rock band, is more highly-educated than those journalists. They put it very nicely in their song that

“in Senayan (the place where MPs and government are drafting the law in Jakarta)

there are lawmakers drafting law (UUD)

but money is what they actually want (Ujung-Ujungnya Duit)…”

My recommendation to SLANK: they should also add government’s role in the “UUD”. It takes two to tango.

10 Responses to “Purchasing Law”

  1. hihihii abi..bunda jadi malu…pertama bunda baca ini tadinya juga udah concern ke britanya..eh..tiba2 inget2 lagi, keknya nama al amien nasution agak2 familiar di kuping bunda*eh tmbh baca kumplit tulisan abi jadi inget, dia kan istrinya si pnyanyi dangdut itu, hihi..maapkan istrimu yaa abi, soalnya pas heboh gosip2 itu, bunda pas ada di indo jadi mau ga mau, tau jg gosip itu*:)

    hmmm..tulisan abi ini:
    “Amazing”. I guess this is why voters are always fooled. They are made by such cheap journalism to think about gossips rather than the crux of the problem: the business of law, the purchase of law, the trading of law.

    hihihii…iya yaa bi…emg sampe saat ini, knyataannya, masy indo jg lbh sng dapet hiburan gosip ketimbang bsikap kritis atas keadaan yg terjadi di negara ini..

    tapi, bukan jg spenuhnya salah masyarakat…ini jelas2 salah pemerintahannya..bnr2 ga berkemampuan utk mngatasi masalah..smua berujung dgn ktidak jelasan…

    mknya..masy pada akhrnya, jg kaum jurnalis, lbh sng disuguhkan dan myuguhkan brita gosip yg lbh “mghibur”.
    🙂 pagi2 iseng2 komen nih..

  2. Hai Hanafi, mudah-mudahan belum lupa sama aku, hehhe…

    Eh, si ‘woman’ itu ternyata bukan bonus lho, tapi dia panik krn dikeruminin wartawan trus salah masuk deh ke mobil tahanan KPK, hehhee…

    Ehm, jadi makin paham nih, kenapa kamu pingin jadi wartawan dulu. Biar bisa menyuguhkan berita pengimbang yang dibikin para “cheap journalist” ya?😉

    Soal KPK, apa mungkin mereka kewalahan karena terlalu banyak kasus korupsi di negeri ini? Tapi kasus Urip kan gak distop, pemeriksaan masih berlangsung. Hanya mungkin di media isunya gak sesanter isu baru lainnya seperti soal Cak Imin vs Gus Dur, trus soal Mr Kristina ini😀

    Btw, bundazka ternyata Aci ya… dulu ketemunya cuma waktu di posko KKN itu ya. Sekarang udah jadi ibu dan pinter masak🙂 Salam yaa…

  3. So sad. All the problems are interrelated.
    Need a firm, fresh leadership for this sinking giant ship.😦

  4. sulfikar Says:

    so you got this stupid defense from an MP acting like a moral police


  5. Referring what Didick Rachbini said:

    That example mentioned in the article is just one example from millions of “the roving bandits” in Indonesia.
    Shame on DPR …well not all..
    Tapi mas DPR image sekarang udah NJIJIKI.
    Kalo denger anggota DPR atau anggota DPRD rasanya udah “gilo” dan yach at the same time sedih lah. Tapi walopun nggak semua anggota DPR kayak yang di article itu, gara2 orang kayak dia image DPR jadi tercoreng.

    Bagi orang awam kayak aku, kalo denger “oh anggota DPR to/ oh anggota DPRD to…” pasti ada negative thinking nya…
    Cant help it. must be sth wrong lah with the system.

  6. @ epi, ternyata si woman itu salah masuk ruang kuliah.. haha..

    @ mas budi, given the future candidates are all orde baru-bred, what to do ah? *singlish mode*

    @ mas sulfikar, hehe… cuma bisa nonton 10 menit mas. error tuh. anyway, dua-duanya konyol ah itu. kok malah jadi ahli tafsir syair lagu.

    @ ninim, sth wrong with the key leader lah nim..

  7. so we need to promote / support Singapore-bred new leaders ?
    don’t see them small lah <– iki juga Singlish lho😛

  8. assalamualaikum wrwb….

    gimana kbrnya pak……ternyata udh pnya momongan ya… (br tau aq)…
    udah kelar study nya????.. oh ya.. kok azka mirip bgt ya ama eyangnya..emang bener2 murah senyum….

    wassalamualaikum wrwb…

    NB: still remember me????

  9. hai nano. the boy of nambongan..haha.. kelingan tho. kerja ning ndi saiki pak? wis pak rung yo?

  10. you are good lecturer (eventhough still junior at your faculty) hehe…, good journalist mas, keep on your way, go trough
    btw ajari aku nulis mas, tulisanmuTOP buanget, suip…..

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