Government of Indonesia vs. NAMRU-2

When it comes to facing the United States (even without pressures), the government of Indonesia (GoI), a.k.a Yudhoyono, will always succumb itself to the States. Freeport & Exxonmobile left untouched. Calling Iran brother but backing up 2007 resolution. Giving leeway for Microsoft to rule in ministry offices.

And now, letting the already long-expired Naval Medical Research Unit – 2 go on and on as if Yudhoyono never reads newspapers or follow news. Mental budak (a Mentality of self-slavery) !

By the way, perhaps he really never reads or follow news (and prefer going for cinemas and shedding his tears to fool voters in the end) because I remember when Lapindo victims crying and complaining about that Yudhoyono’s minister’s mining company’s unjust compensation, Yudhoyono just reacted stupidly saying “…really? Is that what happened?”.

Where the hell have you been, man?


2 Responses to “Government of Indonesia vs. NAMRU-2”

  1. susye dong:(

  2. I still fail to understand why USA govt insists Indonesia to entitle diplomatic immunity for the NAMRU staffs. and I never find a ground why then Indonesia gave it to two of NAMRU staffs instead of declining to grant it.

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